We are based in Saria-Julena ,New delhi,  - a short drive from IGI Airport (New Delhi). Our policy is to provide comfortable, convenient, hassle free Services to our customers, The backbone of our company is the long list of happy customers. In fact, over 82% of our customers come from the recommendation of others.
Talent World is an established brand of company.  It was established in1992 with the intent of meeting the increased demand for Indian Manpower abroad. By virtue of our spectacular performance, we have achieved the distinction of being one of the leading recruitment agencies in India. We believe in prompt service and our management team and team members utilize their commercial awareness & intellectual enrichment to excel our clients in their business. We are registered with the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Government of India and holding a valid Manpower Recruiting License.  We are on the panel of approved agencies in the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia and office of the Saudi Cultural Attache as well.
Talent world is an employment agency in India and manpower consultants providing overseas jobs, placement services, manpower resources to clients in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, U.A.E, Oman, Libya, Qatar, Middle East and Gulf countries seeking quality human resources from India for various sectors like Education, Healthcare/Medical (Doctors, Nurses), Engineering , Hotel Industry, Sales and Marketing etc.
We understand and realize the need as well as importance of dedicated and diligent services. We continually strive to fulfill the needs of clients by providing quality staff as well as complete customer satisfaction for an overall industry's progress



We provide manpower for almost all categories of jobs as per the requirement of our client. Through our regularly updated and maintained database, we guarantee ready availability of ideal professionals; for every position of every sector. Everything from the planning to the interview, leading to selection and hiring, right up to their work-site arrival and performance, is our responsibility. We are hence renowned as the agency capable of providing a complete recruitment solution for every human resource need.   We, at Talentworld, understand how crucial it is to have prompt provision of effective, efficient and specialized personnel for all sectors. We realize that when it comes to sensitive and dynamic businesses, especially the ones that have been heavily invested into, one cannot take chances.

Selection Procedure

  1. On receipt of the confirmed demand from the employer, Talent World collects the applications received in response to the newspaper advertisement and Manpower Data Bank.  Application thus received shall be scrutinized by a committee of experts for short-listing the candidates as per requirements of the employer.
  2. The short-listed applications will be sent to the employer if so desired otherwise these will be kept in the office for interview of the candidates for final selection.
  3. The employers or their representatives will conduct interviews/trade tests and make final selection.
  4. Talent World will provide the necessary assistance and logistic support like issuance of interview cards and providing suitable venue for interview/written test and practical test as well.
  5. The selected candidates are sent for medical examination only to Medical Centers authorized by the Embassies.

By constantly developing and optimizing HR recruitment solutions .We help Clients in managing their costs and productivity .All our staffing solutions are tailor-made as per the needs and requirements of the clients

We also assist the candidates in completing medical, ticketing, visa, emigration and other POE formalities, to ensure that our clients have a worry-free manpower outsourcing experience.


Talent World is holding an I.D. Card issued by the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia with the authorization of submitting passport for endorsement of Business Visit Visa, Temporary Work Visa, Work Visa, Family Visa, Residence Visa, Hajj & Ummra Visa and extension of Exit and Re-entry visa and also allowing access to the office of the Cultural Attaché for verification of degrees issued by various Institutes and Universities of India.

Hajj & Ummra service.

Talentworld providing excellent fares around the world on a huge range of acclaimed airlines, our specialist area is Deluxe Hajj and Ummra travel. Our specially formulated packages are designed for your maximum convenience. Everything we do can be 'tweaked' to create a tailor made solution that fits your individual needs perfectly. We have deals for everyone, from single travelers to large groups.

Performing Hajj or Umrah is a blessing to anyone fortunate enough to experience the magnificence of the occasion. Our aim is to provide travel packages designed to allow you to savor the magic of being in the presence of the most beautiful scenario imaginable. By carefully selecting the best hotels and travel, we can make sure you're accommodation is as close as possible to the Haram Shareef itself, and your journeys are as relaxing as they can be.


We undertake attestation  of  documents for those serving in the kingdom or who are destined to join in Saudi Arabia such as Degree, Experience Certificate, Marriage and Birth Certificates by SDM, Ministry of External Affairs, Saudi Cultural Attaché and finally by Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia.


Talent World based is also catering to the needs of translation and interpretation as per international standard. Our vast experience in the field of translation work, both general and specialized, has led us to international fame.  Our translation charges are very reasonable and affordable depending upon the nature of the matter.  Please visit our website and tell us "what we can do for you".  Our job is to translate for you "wherever you are", "whenever you want" and "whatever you like". We undertake translation work in the following two languages:From Arabic to English and from English to Arabic.


Talent World is in the process of expanding its infra-structure to cope with the ever increasing demand of manpower globally.  It will not limit itself to Indian manpower, but will exploit source professionals from other countries to supplement the need of manpower importing nations. Keeping this in mind, we have now planned to open up the branch offices in other states to facilitate quick services in response to demand of our clients.


Talent World is shaping the world of Contemporary Working by helping people and companies to work better and live better.

We help to find and grow talent at all levels, all types of specialization and working styles. In today’s working world, everyone matters. If you are building a bridge, find an engineer. If your numbers are jumbled, call your accountant. If your computer network’s down, get an IT expert. When it’s a work issue for GCC, you should come to us.

Universities for which the Talent World has been providing Manpower

Al-Baha University                                                      Al-Baha
Al-Qassim University                                                  Al-Qassim
King Abdul Aziz University                                          Riyadh
King Khalid University                                                 Abha
Al-Kharj University                                                      Al-Kharj
Al-Jazan University                                                      Jazan
Al-Jouf University                                                        Al-Jouf
Al-Majmaa University                                                  Al-Majmaa
King Faisal University                                                 Riyadh
King Fahd University of                                              Dhahran
Petroleum & Minerals                       
King Saud University                                                   Riyadh
Najran University                                                        Najrah
College of Dentistry & Pharmacy                               Riyadh
Taibah University                                                        Madinah
Tabuk University                                                         Tabuk
Princess Nora Bint Abdul Rahman University
Umm Al- Qura university                                           Makkah
Companies for which the Talent World has been providing Manpower :

Scientific Medical Equipment Home Ltd.                   Riyadh
Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Mishari Hospital                     
Al-Naba International Project Company                    Dammam
Three Lions Factory                                                    Dammam
Trithlon Ltd.                                                                Riyadh
College of Medicine & King Khalid Hospital  Abha
Ultra Computer                                                           Dammam
Arab Paper Manufacturing Company                                    Dammam
Samba Financial Group                                               Riyadh
Jan De Nul Group                                                        Riyadh
Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo                                              Dammam
Al Jazeera Ambitions Factory Co.                               Dammam
Amial Al Sharq                                                            Riyadh